Hey there! We consider you as part of our community, and this news may be interesting for you. Your role is important to us, either to spread the word about our work or to collaborate with our current and future projects. Welcome! This is what you will find in the Newsletter of May 2020 1. We are back and renewed! In times of change, we want to share with you the energy of our new image. Thus, we have been preparing ourselves for the challenges to come. Check out our next events. 2. Launching #NoComasPlástico. Inclusive recycling project in Comas, Lima. What we have done and what we have been preparing to give value to plastic. 3. Memories of the “Parallel Workshop: Lima – Stuttgart”. Two years now since this great experience with the EDUCCA Program of the Municipality of Comas


We are back and renewed!

These last months have been full of challenges, not only they have changed our ways of living, but also our perspective of the world and how fragile we can be in front of our mother nature. Many of us have reflected from the comfort of our homes, others from worry or pain, and many others from the need. We have taken this time to rethink our role and strengthen our objectives towards a more socially and environmentally responsible world. Thus, we bet for a new image, a new „face“ that transmits the energy we feel, which will identify and accompany us in this long road marked by the ideals of a world where waste is no longer „waste“, but is a mean capable to empower and change lives, especially those in need. Here is the new face of Reciclaje.pe

Donations campaign #YoRegalo

In this difficult situation, we pledge to deliver funds to support our heroes without capes, the urban collectors, who have been severely affected by COVID-19. Reciclaje.pe will allocate all the donations that come into our account, between June 1 and 15, to collectors and their families who were affected by the current pandemic. Likewise, for donations in Peru, we joined the “Píntate de verde el corazón/Paint green your heart” campaign, they are a team of professionals environmentally committed who, thanks to a strong network of allies, bring food to 31 cities within Peru. The goal to support 500 formalized collectors S/ .40,000 (PEN). Your help will make a difference! They need you today. Donate today in Germany / Europe by clicking here and in Peru with this information.

Webinar “Negocios Verdes”

Reciclaje.pe will make a virtual presentation in the „Green Business“ section organized by the International Association of Students of Agricultural and Related Sciences (IAAS Peru) and the Agrarian University of Lima. Grecia Solis Castillo, co-founder of Reciclaje.pe, will represent our team at the event on July 22nd. She will talk about the history of Reciclaje.pe, #NoComasPlástico and much more! Join us to explore the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling plastics from home.

Design thinking workshop „Plasticrea“

In June we took off! We start to brainstorm and develop the new products made of 100% recycled plastic. Follow these events on our social media.

We launched #NoComasPlástico

An ideal world would not be possible without translating our dreams into actions. Since that October 24th, when we started with #NoComasPlástico, our brains, hands and hearts have not stopped working. #NoComasPlástico is an inclusive recycling project in Comas, Lima – Peru. Through this project, we seek to give added value to the plastic that is collected by recyclers and/or collectors from the district. Our goal is to convert this plastic into a new product that is attractive to the market, thus increasing its value. Since our inception, we have worked hand in hand with waste collectors from North Lima, especially those from the Comas district. Together we have held workshops where we learned the value and types of plastics, their types of segregation and techniques for their best use; likewise, we learned to build low-cost machines that help plastic processing and transformation. Currently, we are about to devise and give life to these new products made from recycled plastic, which will surely serve as a tool to empower and generate changes in many families. There is no doubt that #NoComasPlástico has become the engine of our organization, it made us land within a reality unknown by many, reality that encourages us to continue with our ideals stronger than ever. We invite you to know more about our project. Watch the video placed at the end of this post, and please help us sharing it! 

Memories of the „Parallel Workshop: Lima – Stuttgart“

It seems that it was yesterday. Two years now since that May 2018 in which we carried out our parallel workshop „Responsible recycling“. The seven hours of time difference were not an obstacle to synchronize Comas and Stuttgart. It was a great experience, full of pleasant moments, all of them full of happiness and constant challenges. The parallel workshop was undoubtedly an important milestone for Reciclaje.pe, it helped us lay the foundations for what is now our organization; likewise, it helped us to strengthen friendly ties among those who today make up this humble community. Special thanks to the University of Stuttgart, the Hobbyhimmel e.V. open workshop, and the EDUCCA Program of the Municipality of Comas, Lima. Without your support, this great experience would not have been possible. Read more here!

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